We love our volunteers!!!

Volunteer Form (Volunteer forms must be on file to volunteer at the school or if you intend to chaperone a field trip)

Volunteer Guidelines

Please return completed forms to your child’s teacher or the front office.

Santa Rosa County volunteers will provide their current driver’s license, state issued identification card (or other approved identification card) to the designated staff member who will scan the visitor’s identification and issue a badge with the visitor’s destination if there is no alert indicated on the database. If the volunteer does not have an identification card, the designated staff member will manually enter the name, date of birth, sex and race of the visitor into the V-Soft system. If the system verifies that the person is an approved volunteer, a volunteer pass will be issued.

The VSoft/Raptor and the Lobby Guard system will provide an electronic database of volunteer hours and duties performed by a campus.

Each volunteer will scan their identification into the system on the first visit. On subsequent visits, the volunteer’s name will be located through the quick find screen.

  •  On the first screen, select volunteer.
  •  Indicate the job and location.
  •  Print the badge or present permanent badge.
  •  Check out when the volunteer activity is completed