Ready-Made PowerPoint Presentations May 2004

The following are links to wonderful ready-made PowerPoints, tutorials, and ideas for using PowerPoint in the classroom  Presentations for k-2, 3-5, math, 6-12, language arts, and teacher resources  How to make a PowerPoint presentation directions  PowerPoint in the Classroom- lessons on how to make a PowerPoint presentation 

Presentations for art, language arts, math, science, and social studies  PowerPoint Template Galleries- one exclusively for students and educators  Free PowerPoint backgrounds for teachers  PowerPoint sites… lots!  Ready-made PowerPoints as well as tutorials  Who Wants to be a Winner game (similar to Who Wants to Be A Millionaire)  Test-Maker template, Who Wants to be a Millionaire template, Jeopardy, and more Resources  with red titles can only be viewed by OCSD staff, whereas resources with blue titles can be viewed by anyone.  Ideas for using PowerPoint in the classroom, and scroll to the bottom for ready-made PowerPoints  Creative Presentation Ideas  PowerPoint tutorials and scoring rubrics  Ideas for using PowerPoint in your classroom  PowerPoint tips and ideas  Links, templates and ideas!  Presentations divided into categories: informational, procedural, celebratory, electronic portfolios, interactive activities, and create & print (make mini books!)  Templates, lesson ideas and tips  PowerPointlessness  Professional site about the advantages and things to consider when using PowerPoint  PowerPoint Tricks and Tips  PowerPoint projects  Science game templates  Templates and games using PowerPoint to teach