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Vendors Needed for Our First Annual Vendors’ Showcase

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On Thursday, October 19, WBMS will hold its First Annual Vendors’ Showcase. If you own a business and would like to share your products while supporting the school, this event is for you!

For more information and to apply, download the flyer/application form.

Coupon Book Fundraiser

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Today, each student received information about participating in our annual Coupon Book Fundraiser, which we will be conducting from September 12 to September 22.  We will be selling FundRays savings books, which offer valuable coupons to many local eateries and other establishments.  Proceeds from the fundraiser will be used for student rewards, classroom and teacher support including supplies and equipment, and school enhancements.

This event is hugely important for our school.  We want to continue to do great things at Woodlawn, and our coupon book fundraiser helps tremendously with these efforts.  The coupon books fundraiser provides funding for projects that normally would not be funded.

Please consider supporting Woodlawn through this fundraiser.  Please contact us at 850-934-4010 or see your student if interested in purchasing and/or selling coupon books!

Also, you may visit [deleted–fundraiser is over] to advertise and sell books.  This website is a dedicated site for our school, through which students and families may sell books online.  If you have social media, please share this website to help increase our sales!

Finally, as a specific example of one of the efforts supported through the coupon book fundraiser, Woodlawn is going to donate 10% of the profits to Hurricane Irma relief.  We are Florida strong and want to do what we can to lift those up throughout our state that are currently in need.

In advance, many thanks.

School reopening Tuesday

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School reopening Tuesday

We are resuming normal school operations on Tuesday, September 12.

School Closed Friday, Monday

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School Closed Friday, Monday

Per Governor Scott’s order, all Florida K-12 schools and public universities are closed Friday, September 8, and Monday, September 11.

More information about Hurricane Irma can be found at The National Weather Service, the Florida Division of Emergency Management, and Governor Scott’s twitter account.

From Bill Emerson, Assistant Superintendent of Schools:

“Hello, this is Assistant Superintendent Bill Emerson.  By order of the Governor of Florida, all public schools will be closed Friday, September 8 through Monday September 11.  ALL scheduled school activities are cancelled as well until further notice.  Please stay tuned to the district’s web site and media outlets for future announcements about possible school closures.  Again, all Santa Rosa County schools will be closed tomorrow, Friday September 8 and Monday September 11.  Thank you for your attention.”

District Operational Documents

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Hello Wildcat families, this notice is to inform you that copies of district operational documents (student code of conduct, student progression plan, school health program parent letter, family guide, and the school choice plan) are all available in digital format on the school district’s website.

Visit https://www.santarosa.k12.fl.us/ and then select Family Documents (click to access) to review any of these important documents.

First 2017-2018 School Advisory Council Meeting (September 19)

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The first 2017-2018 School Advisory Council meeting will be held Tuesday, September 19, at 1:00 in the Media Center.


6th Grade Open House

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Good afternoon 6th Grade Wildcat families, we would like to welcome you to 6th grade open house, next Tuesday, September 5.  6th grade open house is a fun activity that allows you to experience your student’s school day.  Open house will begin promptly at 6:00 PM.  You will start in your student’s first timeblock class, and you will thereafter go class-by-class with your student.  The event generally lasts an hour, give or take.

Please join us Tuesday, September 5 at 6:00 PM for 6th grade open house!

Getting Ahead Class

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WBMS families, St. Sylvester will be holding a ‘Getting Ahead Class’ for residents on the south end of the county.  ‘Getting Ahead in a Just-Gettin’-By World’ is both a workbook and a learning experience. During a 15 session course, participants work in groups to investigate their community. The Getting Ahead Investigator explores the world through economic class and begins to develop a future story for themselves using the tools in the workbook. As an Investigator you learn about the “hidden rules” of class that can help you move toward a more sustainable future!

If interested, registration forms need to be returned to Mr. Koger by Friday, September 8.


SAC Voting

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Wildcat families, voting is now open to elect four (4) parent/guardian members to our School Advisory Council.  Voting will close Friday, August 25.  To vote, please visit https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/LPVTZQ6.  Thank you.

Eclipse Public Safety Announcement

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Eclipse Public Safety Announcement

On Monday, August 21, there will be a solar eclipse occurring across the United States. This event will be visible in our area in the afternoon from about 12:00 pm until 3:00 pm. This event is sure to attract a lot of attention and we want to reach out to you with important safety information regarding viewing an eclipse.

Eclipses should only be viewed directly by using special solar eclipse glasses that contain a protective lens that shield your eyes from harmful rays. Everyday sunglasses, no matter how dark the lenses, will not protect your eyes adequately. Viewing an eclipse directly without this protective eyewear can cause serious damage to your eyes, even if you only stare at the sun for a brief period of time. You will not feel this damage when it occurs and it may be several hours before you see the effects of that damage. Your student was given a flyer containing this information today.

Since students will not have the appropriate protective eyewear to view the eclipse, WBMS will not allow direct viewing of the eclipse during school hours. Instead, our students will have the opportunity to view on-line streaming and television coverage of the event in their respective classrooms.

Another concern that we have is our students will be released from school at the height of the eclipse (1:26 pm). We will be reminding students before and as they exit the building to not look at the eclipse.

You can view a PSA video about the eclipse at  https://vimeo.com/227976663.

You may also view a flyer with Solar Eclipse Viewing Tips that will be distributed to students.

Please discuss these precautions and concerns with your student prior to coming to school Monday. Thank you for your assistance.