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Core Academic Departments

Mathematics Department


Standards and Item Specifications

For 2013-2014, the Mathematics curriculum is defined by a combination of the Common Core State Standards and the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards. You may read more about the "blended" standards by viewing the course descriptions below. Detailed information about the kinds of problems students are expected to solve on this year's FCAT, including sample problems, can be found in the FCAT Item Specifications (scroll down to find the specifications in PDF format).

Course Descriptions

Resources for Students and Parents

Mathematics is a challenging subject for many middle school students. However, there are many online resources available to help.

Department of Education Resources

  • FCAT Explorer is "a free, online educational program for Florida's students that reinforces reading and math skills outlined in the Sunshine State Standards." Students are provided sign-in names and passwords may be requested from your Mathematics teacher.
  • The Florida Standards web site provides information about the standards Florida's students are expected to meet and the courses they will take during their K-12 education.
  • The Success Measures web site provides "in-depth information about all of Florida's student assessments in a timely and meaningful way...including details on what your children are being taught in our classrooms and how their learning will be assessed."

Textbook Web Sites

The publishers of WBMS's math textbooks maintain useful web sites that include many additional resources, such as study guides, remedial skills worksheets, tutorial videos, and more.

  • Regular Mathematics: The textbook for sixth, seventh, and eighth grade regular mathematics is published by Big Ideas Learning. Click here to visit the Big Ideas Math web site. No login credentials are required, but be sure to choose Florida from the drop-down menu, then explore the "Students" and/or "Parents" tabs.
  • Advanced Mathematics: The textbook for sixth, seventh, and eighth grade advanced mathematics is published by Glencoe/McGraw-Hill. Usernames and passwords will be provided by your teacher.
  • Algebra: The textbook for eighth grade Algebra I and Algebra I Honors is published by Pearson. Login information will be provided by your teacher.

Resources for Algebra I Students

Students in Algebra I should begin by visiting our Algebra I teacher's blog, the Mathlete Corner.

The Mathlete Corner Logo and Hyperlink

On his blog, Mr. Baugus presents his own tutorial videos covering every topic in Florida's Algebra I curriculum.

Unaffiliated Online Resources

Khan Academy provides free tutorial videos and practice modules on most K-12 mathematics topics (as well as topics in various sciences, history, and finance). The practice modules are especially helpful in allowing students to practice math skills by providing immediate feedback on their answers. The site allows students to track their progress by logging in with a Google or Facebook account, though logging in is not required to make use of the site's resources. Parents looking for extra practice for their students beyond homework assignments will find what they need here.

The National Library of Virtual Manipulatives provides interactive practice tools ("virtual manipulatives") for mathematics topics such as fractions, integers, equations, and more. The virtual manipulatives are free to use.


Tutoring is available at WBMS on a limited basis. Tutoring begins during the first quarter and ends just before FCAT. Ask your mathematics teacher for a letter explaining tutoring at WBMS and a tutoring application form. Visit the tutoring page for more information.