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Information about Math Acceleration

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[Update, May 26] Every student who was recommended for mathematics acceleration should now have access to a channel in Microsoft Teams (through Classlink). Any student who cannot access an acceleration team should contact Ben Smith promptly.

The following is information for families of students recommended for Mathematics acceleration into an advanced Mathematics course.

Placement in advanced classes depends on completion of the summer work.

Please click or touch here for complete information from Mr. Lowrimore, principal.

How to Get Started: Video

Student Schedule Information for 2020-2021

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Here are presentations for schedule options for students who will be attending WBMS in 2020-2021. For more information, contact guidance.

Second Packet Pickup

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From Mr. Lowrimore:

Our next packet pick-up will be Thursday, April 30, from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm, on the bus ramp. 

Packets that need to be delivered to homes will be delivered by transportation Friday, May 1. 

Packet & Instrument Pick up

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This message is only for those who have contacted the school and requested a paper packet. If you did not request a packet, do not show up looking for one tomorrow. We will not be able to assemble one for you.

Packet pick up will be tomorrow, Thursday, April 2.  Students with the last name beginning with the letters A-L can pick up packets from 1 pm to 4 pm. Students with the last name beginning with letters M-Z can pick up packets from 4 pm to 7 pm. 

Pick up service will be drive through only. Please drive to the bus ramp, crack your window and give us the name and grade level of the student you are picking up for. A sign with the student name on the dashboard would be even better. We will give you the packet and you will promptly leave. The packet you will be receiving has assignments for the month of April. Due to the governor’s order today, this is the only day packets will be available for pick up. For those who requested packet drop off, that will be scheduled as soon as possible. 

If you need to get a band instrument when you pick up your packet, please email Ms. Rohde tonight so she can have your instrument ready for your student tomorrow. Your student’s instrument will be delivered to your car just the same as the packet. We request that no one exit their car while on campus. Thank you in advance for your patience. 

Mental Health and Related Instruction

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The Florida Board of Education requires that every student in grades 6- 12 receive at least 300 minutes of mental and emotional health instruction every year in a progressive manner. The following topics must be addressed during these lessons:

(a) Recognition of signs and symptoms of mental health disorders; (b) Prevention of mental health disorders; (c) Mental health awareness and assistance; (d) How to reduce the stigma around mental health disorders; (e) Awareness of resources, including local school and community resources; (f) The process for accessing treatment; (g) Strategies to develop healthy coping techniques; (h) Strategies to support a peer, friend, or family member with a mental health disorder; (i) Prevention of suicide; and (j) Prevention of the abuse and addiction to alcohol, nicotine, and drugs. It is important to note and reiterate that this requirement is mandated by the Florida State Board of Education, and these lessons will be presented to all secondary students in our district.

At WBMS, all training related to these requirements will be presented through Science classes. Make-Up dates will be scheduled as needed. This training is mandatory, by law, for all students. The trainings will be held on the following dates.

  • 6th and 8th Grade: March 2-6 and 9-12
  • 7th Grade: March 9-12 and March 23-27

To see the content of the Mental Health training, use your student’s log in information to log into ClassLink via the school’s web site. Once in ClassLink, find the Suite360 icon. Click here, and you will be able to view the course. 

For more information, refer to the following documents.

SAC Meeting: March 31

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Documents for this meeting will be posted soon.

Semester Exams

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Here is the exam schedule.

Tuesday (12/17): Time blocks 1 and 2.

Wednesday (12/18): Time blocks 3 and 4.

Thursday (12/19): Time blocks 5 and 6.

On Tuesday and Wednesday (12/17-18), the school day ends for students at 10:15.

On Thursday (12/18), the school day will end at 11:15.

Blended Cafe (Quarterly Presentations for families of Exceptional Students)

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Once, each quarter, Santa Rosa County Schools’ Exceptional Student Education Department will offer “Blended Cafe” live streams of topics of interest to the families of exceptional students. The first live, virtual Blended Cafe will be presented October 28, from 6:00-6:45 pm.

The live stream videos may be found on the department’s web site.

Also, download the Blended Cafe flyer for more information.