Welcome to the WBMS Band Page. Our Band Director is Stacy Rohde.

Click here to download/listen to Jack Stamp explain “Why Music Matters” (MP3 format) – shared by William Shaner, Sims Middle School Band Director.


For Students and Parents

The WBMS Bands

WBMS offers three bands. Beginning Band is available to anyone who has never played an instrument, but the other bands require an audition with the director. Click to learn more:

Symphonic Band

The Symphonic Band is our advanced band. This band participates in many concerts throughout the school year including: The September 11th Memorial Concert, Halloween concert, a High School Football game, The Madrigal, Florida Bandmaster’s Association District One Music Performance Assessment, a spring concert and a recruitment concert. Students are eligible to audition for a position in the Santa Rosa All-County Band. This is a fast-paced moving class that has lots of fun learning about music and is prepared to work hard to be awesome. They consistently earn highly respected ratings at the District One Music Performance Assessment. The Symphonic Band earned straight Superior rankings in 2014-2015! Students must audition for a position in the Symphonic band.

Varsity Band

The Varsity Band is our intermediate band that is an extension of our Symphonic Band. Members of this band are eligible to audition for the Santa Rosa All-County Band. Students perform a winter concert and a spring concert. Students in this band are very eager to meet the many challenges presented by their director and they have fun meeting these challenges. These students work very hard throughout the year to improve extended note ranges, improve technique, and rhythms. Members of this band perform Halloween and spring concerts. We hope this band will perform at the Florida Bandmaster’s Association District One Music Performance Assessment in the coming years! An audition is required for this class.

Beginning Band

The Beginning Band is such an incredibly neat band because these students begin the school year with no experience in playing a band instrument. After a few months, these students present their first performance! These students learn how to read music, how to play the instrument, how to care for their instrument, how to perform rhythms, how to play with dynamics, style, read key signatures and the seven essentials of tone production. Students in the beginning band do not need any musical experience or knowledge! Members of this band have a lot of laughs and fun and are able to perform two concerts-one in winter and one in spring! Students that wish to join this wonderful organization should attend band try-ons in the spring. If you have any questions or concerns or want to learn more about this band or any of the other bands, please contact the band director at 934-4010 ext. 203.