Rising 7th Grade Schedule Information

Posted by on May 21, 2018 in Curriculum & Assessment, General Information

From Lia Zeiger, Guidance counselor:

7th Grade Schedule Information2018-19

As the 2017-18 school year comes to a close, many of you are looking forward to your 7th grade classes. Several variables affect class placement choices, and most decisions are made over the summer after test scores and grades are finalized. Students attend 6 classes daily, 4 of which are “core” classes and 2 of which are non-core or electives.

Core Class Placement:Math, Language Arts, Civics, and Science.  Students are automatically placed in advanced core classes based on grades and test scores from the previous year.  For example, students are placed in 7th grade Advanced Language Arts classes based on their 6th grade Language Arts grade and their 6th grade FSA English Language Arts scores.  FSA scores arrive in the summer, and advanced core classes are assigned after we receive scores.

Non-core or elective courses include: P. E., Band, Chorus, Yearbook, Digital Design/Photoshop, Elective Reading, Art, and Intensive Language Arts.

  • Band, chorus, and yearbook: students sign up with the band, chorus, or yearbook teacher.  Teachers will send their student lists to guidance and students will be placed automatically.
  • Other non-core courses: Digital Design/Photoshop, Elective Reading, Art, and Intensive Language Arts will be offered based on academic needs, student preference, and class size.  Students interested in art should fill out an interest form in the front office.
  • Most students will take P. E. as 7th graders, even if they have taken P. E. in 6th grade.  If you are unable to take P. E. due to a medical condition, please contact the guidance department and send documentation from a doctor.  If you are unable to take P. E. due to academic reasons, we will send home a P. E. Waiver for you to complete in September.
  • Gifted services will be provided through Advanced Science and Advanced Math courses.  If you qualified for Algebra 1 Honors, your gifted services will be provided through Advanced Science.  By keeping gifted services in core classes, all gifted students will be challenged in rigorous core courses and keep two elective course options.

If you have additional questions about class placement for next year, please contact the guidance department by phone or email.  We will be happy to explain the options.

Have a safe summer!

Lia Zeiger