Coupon Book Fundraiser

Posted by on Sep 12, 2017 in General Information, School Spirit

Today, each student received information about participating in our annual Coupon Book Fundraiser, which we will be conducting from September 12 to September 22.  We will be selling FundRays savings books, which offer valuable coupons to many local eateries and other establishments.  Proceeds from the fundraiser will be used for student rewards, classroom and teacher support including supplies and equipment, and school enhancements.

This event is hugely important for our school.  We want to continue to do great things at Woodlawn, and our coupon book fundraiser helps tremendously with these efforts.  The coupon books fundraiser provides funding for projects that normally would not be funded.

Please consider supporting Woodlawn through this fundraiser.  Please contact us at 850-934-4010 or see your student if interested in purchasing and/or selling coupon books!

Also, you may visit [deleted–fundraiser is over] to advertise and sell books.  This website is a dedicated site for our school, through which students and families may sell books online.  If you have social media, please share this website to help increase our sales!

Finally, as a specific example of one of the efforts supported through the coupon book fundraiser, Woodlawn is going to donate 10% of the profits to Hurricane Irma relief.  We are Florida strong and want to do what we can to lift those up throughout our state that are currently in need.

In advance, many thanks.