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HEROs of the Week

Nominated by their teachers, these students embody the HERO motto: "Help, Encourage, and Respect Others."

A HERO of the Week
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Choir on Fire

The WBMS Choir on Fire is a huge part of many students' experience at WBMS.

Visit the Choir on Fire page to learn more.


Hundreds of students participate in our four bands (Beginning, Concert, Varsity, and Symphonic), mastering their instruments and making WBMS proud at competitions.

Follow this link to get all of the info on this year's bands.

Paw Partners

WBMS's Paw Partners are local businesses who contribute to make WBMS a better place.

Explore the Paw Partners page to see our current Paw Partners and to learn how your business can become a Paw Partner.

Media Center

Our school's media center resources can be viewed on the new Destiny site. Visit the site.

Information on how to download and use e-books can be found here.