Sight Words!



During the summer of 2009 and throughout the 2009-2010 school year, kindergarten teachers throughout the county attended workshops featuring Beverly Tyner.  We learned different strategies in teaching small groups at various stages of learning.  Throughout our reading block, we will be implementing her techniques.  Although children are only graded on 55 sight words, we present and study over 100 words.  The more words a child knows by the end of kindergarten, the more successful they will be in first grade. Please click on Ms. Tyner's name above to learn more about Beverly Tyner.  Below you will find links for sight word flashcards and the list of words we use for report card testing.  

Tyner's Sight Word Flashcards

Required Sight Words for the First Report Card

Required Sight Words for the Second Report Card

Required Sight Words for the Third Report Card

Required Sight Words for the Fourth Report Card




The following lists are "Dolch Words."  We will not be using these particular lists this year, however you may find some of the "Tyner" words on these list.  If your child has learned all the sight words required for report cards and all the Tyner words, you can use the lists below to continue building your child's sight word knowledge. 

List 1     List 2   List 3   List 4   List 5   List 6   List 7   List 8   List 9   List 10


List 11   List 12   List 13   List 14   List 15   List 16   List 17   List 18   List 19   List 20


List 21   List 22    List 23   List 24   List 25



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