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Student Trip Guide


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Fillable Packets

(Please use the applicable fillable packet, below. Do not use the forms in the Guide for submission.)

Additional Fillable Forms:

The packets and forms above contain all the forms needed for that type of field trip. These forms are fillable.
Caution: Fillable forms will automatically open in the browser and not save properly.

  1. Download/Save the desired packet or individual form to your computer.
  2. Locate the file.
  3. Right click it to select open with Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Using Acrobat is the only way to save your entries in the file properly.

Form B (bus request) is submitted online. All others can be printed and completed or the fillable form can be used and submitted. Parent signatures must be actual signatures (not electronic).

General Guidance


  1. Sustainment Statement
    1. This guide serves as the official School Board Policy regarding the transportation of students.
    2. This guide shall be maintained on the district web site.
    3. The Escambia County School District Student Trip Guide was modified and used as a framework for our district guide. Much of the content is replicated in our plan. We appreciate their partnership and the sharing of information.
  2. Trips in PerspectiveStudent trips can and should be exciting and fulfilling events for everyone. They are generally events students and staff look forward to with great anticipation. However, as leaders, none of us can permit the excitement, anticipation, and sense of importance of the trip to overwhelm our need to pay attention to the “little things” that can be so consequential to student safety and accountability. Those “little things” should be attended to from very early in the planning process to the end of the trip.

Field Trip/Activity Trip – A school sponsored activity that falls within the realm of the normal curriculum including before/during/after/overnight extra-curricular activity trips.

  1. Approval Requirements
    1. All trips must be planned and then approved by the school principal and/or the level director in advance, utilizing the Field Trip Request form (Form A). Approval signifies that the trip plan is in full compliance with all requirements for student trips as established in Florida statutes, School Board Rules, and this guide whether the trip is sponsored by a District entity, a club, or a non-affiliated organization, or whether it originates or ends on campus or off.
    2. All necessary approvals should be obtained before trip-related fundraising occurs.
    3. Students traveling in conjunction with any District-related trip shall be transported ONLY in vehicles approved by the District and be operated ONLY by drivers approved by the District.
  2. Supervision
    1. All student trips shall be conducted under the supervision of a District employee.
    2. Chaperones and other adults who are not District employees shall have successfully completed the District Volunteer or Field Trip Application prior to accompanying students on the trip.
    3. Both male and female chaperones are required on overnight trips if both male and female students are on the trip.
  3. Planning & Communication
    1. Field Trip transportation should be accomplished by school bus whenever practical, and generally by commercial common carrier otherwise. If using a commercial common carrier, only companies listed as Approved Transportation Vendors shall be used. Santa Rosa County approved Charter Bus vendors are on the Escambia and Okaloosa County websites. See the link on our district purchasing department site.
    2. Trip planning should include consideration of conceivable contingencies, to include the possibility of an unapproved vehicle or driver showing up for the trip. Trip planners should be diligent in their coordination to ensure ONLY approved vehicles and drivers are slated for the trip. In the event a driver OR vehicle not already approved for student transportation appears for the trip, contact your principal immediately PRIOR to traveling. Drivers must have either their bus certification or they should be an approved driver with a Driver Certification on file (Form F – Private/Rented Vehicle Driver Certification).
    3. Complete all documents required by this guide. The Field Trip Request Form (Form A) must be completed first then use other documents as appropriate after approval has been granted by the school principal.
    4. The principal shall be provided contact information for chaperones, parents, the tour agency, the transportation carrier, and lodging.
  4. Student Safety
    1. Students may be transported only in designated vehicle seating positions with a seatbelt. Makeshift seats and doubling-up to squeeze more students into the vehicle are not permitted.
    2. Students must use the manufacturer’s installed occupant crash protection devices at all times and in all seating positions. This includes use of seatbelts on school buses equipped with them.
    3. Children age three (3) years and younger must be secured in an approved child safety seat at all times.
    4. Children age twelve (12) and younger must ride in the rear seat if the vehicle has a front passenger airbag. The forces from the inflation of the airbag in an accident can kill small children/adults.
    5. Never put a child’s car seat in the front seat of any vehicle.


Students on a field trip to the beach. Looking for shells

Students on a field trip to the beach.

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