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SB1108 Courses

ESE-SB1108 Courses

At the January 2014 State Board of Education meeting, revisions were adopted to the Educator Certification Rule, Rule 6A-4.0051, Florida Administrative Code, entitled Renewal and Reinstatement of a Professional Certificate. These rule revisions became effective on February 25, 2014. Beginning July 1, 2014, any applicant for renewal or reinstatement of a Florida professional certificate must earn at least one (1) semester hour of college credit or the equivalent 20 in-service points of training in the instruction of students with disabilities (SWD). Amendments to section 1012.585, Florida Statutes (F.S.) in 2013, authorize the State Board of Education (SBE) to adopt this special training provision in rule and to establish general implementation criteria. The rule revision also clarifies that credit used to satisfy requirements for the initial Florida professional certificate cannot be used for renewal of the professional certificate. 

In compliance with the State Board ruling, Santa Rosa School District will provide opportunities as listed below to help teachers meet the 20 hour certificate renewal requirement. 

Online Inservice

FDLRS Online Offerings – September 2016 

Beacon On Demand

(see ESE for All Educators and Managing Challenging Student Behaviors)

When you finish the course, please send Chris Archangel, archangelc @ santarosa.k12.fl.us, the completion email from Beacon, and he will post the points to your transcript. You will have a survey to complete (you will find it on the MyPD Home page). Completing the survey is the last step.

If you do not have a Beacon account already,

  1. Go to Beacon NEW Account and
  2. Fill in the information under NEW Account. You will be directed back to the homepage to Login to Beacon.
  3. Click on Programs tab
  4. Click ON Demand Modules and you will see where to register for the On Demand: ESE for All Educators (SB 1108).

College Credit