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How to Register NEW Students for School

For student transfers/reassignments, please see our School Choice page.

Please read this entire page before clicking on the registration button, below.

Registering your child for school in the Santa Rosa County school system is handled online. If you do not have Internet access, please contact the appropriate Grade Level Department for assistance. Once you have completed the on-line registration, you will need to contact your zoned school to make an appointment to complete the enrollment process. For enrollment transfers out of zone, the registration process must be completed before any transfer request can be processed. The documentation required to complete the enrollment process is listed under the Reviewing the Requirements and Documentation section.

Most schools begin the Kindergarten registration process at the end of April. Other grade levels typically register students any time during the summer months. For more specific information, please contact the appropriate Grade Level Department.

Grade Level Departments
Elementary Schools or 850-983-5062
Middle Schools or 850-983-5060
High Schools or 850-983-5056

Virtual Schools
Prior to registering and choosing the virtual school option, please call 850-981-7860 to set up a time for a virtual school information session. More information regarding can be found on the Virtual Schools website.

Enrollment into a Pre-K program is based on several requirements. For information regarding Pre-K student registration though the Head Start (Federal) or VPK (Voluntary Pre-K) programs, please contact the T.R. Jackson Pre-K Center at 850-983-5720. For Pre-K assessments Lisa Templeton in the ESE Department at 850-983-5582.

For general questions about the registration process, please contact the appropriate department listed above. For technical issues, please contact the ITS Helpline at 850-983-5098 during working hours (7:30-4:00), or email itshelp@santarosa.k12.fl.us. Please do not include private student information in an email.

Please note, if the child you’re registering lives in Santa Rosa County, they are eligible for a free hearing screening/hearing evaluation provided by the Santa Rosa School District. Please contact Barbara Adkins in the Santa Rosa School District Audiology Clinic at 850-626-3072 to set up a time to have your child’s hearing tested. You will know the results at the time of testing and results will be furnished to your child’s school.

Please review the following section on what’s required. Doing so will allow you to be prepared to complete the registration process.

Reviewing the Requirements and Documentation

Age Requirements

Any child shall be eligible for admission to kindergarten if he or she has attained the age of five years on or before September 1st of the school year. However, a child who transfers from another state shall be admitted under the same age requirements as established in the state where he or she previously resided.

For admission to first grade, a student shall be six years old on or before September 1st of the school year and shall satisfy one of the following requirements:

  • Previous enrollment and attendance in a Florida public school.
  • Satisfactory completion of kindergarten as specified in Florida Statute.
  • Previous attendance in an out-of-state school into which he or she was admitted based on age requirement established by the state of residency.

Birth Certificate

For the child’s proof of age, the birth certificate must be supplied at the time of enrollment.


If any person other than a natural parent has custody of a child, proof of legal custody or guardianship must be provided before the child may be enrolled in a Santa Rosa County public school.

Physical Examination

Students in grades kindergarten through 12th grade who are making their initial entry into a Florida school must present a record of a physical examination completed within the past twelve months. Although a specific form is not required, it is recommended that Florida’s standardized School Entry Exam form (DH 3040) be used to document completion of a physical examination. It must be completed by a health care provider licensed to perform physical examinations. For students transferring to a Florida school, a comparable form from another state would be acceptable, if completed within one year. Visit the Florida Department of Health for more information.

Immunization Requirements

Florida Statute 1003.22 requires each child entering a Florida school for the first time to present a certificate of immunization from a licensed practicing physician or the County Health Department prior to entry into school. Visit Immunize Florida for information on the Florida Immunization Schedule. Pre-kindergarten and kindergarten students must have current immunizations before enrollment. Other students, including children enrolling under emergency or homeless conditions, will be allowed thirty days from the enrollment date to meet the immunization requirements. This information can be provided in one of two ways:

  • If the child’s social security number is provided to the district, the child’s immunization records can be provided electronically to the district through the Florida Department of Health.
  • Otherwise, the immunizations record must be provided on the Florida Certificate of Immunization (Form 680 or 681).

Proof of Residency

You must provide a document showing your name and your resident address in Santa Rosa County, Florida. Examples include utility bills, bank statements, insurance policies, pay stubs, or government documents. If your current address is not in your name, a notarized letter from the landlord/owner/property manager is required. A driver’s license or post office box are not acceptable.

Incoming Transfers

If the student is transferring from another school district, the following school records are needed for enrollment:

  • Students latest report card and/or transcript is needed for appropriate grade placement.
  • Withdrawal form or report card from previous school is required at registration.
  • Current Individual Education Plan (IEP) (Required if the student is an ESE student, gifted, SLD, speech, etc.)

Social Security Numbers

The school may ask to include the social security number in the student’s permanent records, though a student is not required to provide his or her social security number as a condition for enrollment or graduation. For more information please refer to Florida Statute: 1008.386.

Documentation Checklist

Document Can be scanned and uploaded during the online registration process Must be verified/scanned at the school to complete the enrollment process
Birth Certificate Yes Yes
Custody Documentation as needed Yes Yes
Physical Examination form Yes Yes
Immunization form Yes Yes
Proof of Residency Yes Yes
Transfer Documentations as needed Yes Yes
Social Security Number (optional) No Only if SSN is provided


The registration process begins with creating an account for yourself if you don’t already have one. This will be your Parent Portal account. From there, you will be able to register your children.

For technical issues with the online registration process, please contact ITSHelp@santarosa.k12.fl.us or (850) 983-5098. All other questions should be directed to the appropriate Grade Level Department listed at the top of this document.

Helpful Resolutions

  • My street address is not validating.
    • Contact ITSHelp@santarosa.k12.fl.us or (850) 983-5098
  • I’m locked out of the registration site because of too many log-in attempts.
    • Wait 2 hours and try again.
  • I want my child to go to a different school than their zoned school.
    • After you’ve completed the registration process for your children, please use the Request for Student Transfer Application from the list of Forms available in your parent portal.
  • I want to schedule an assessment for my Kindergartener.
    • The school that your child is enrolled in will contact you to schedule the assessment.
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