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Hello, my name is Lisa Dahlgren and I work for Santa Rosa District Schools.  My office is based at the Professional Development Center in Milton.  One day, not long ago, I was searching for an interesting photograph of the American flag to use in a PowerPoint presentation.  To my surprise, Microsoft Clip Art had a limited selection.  I was frustrated and decided to take my own photograph to use.  Which is how this site began.  I have a collection of photographs which I will share with the employees and students of Santa Rosa District Schools, copyright free. No commercial use of any photograph on this site is permitted.

 My hope is for teachers and students to be able to use these photographs for any school-related projects.  If you have a specific photograph need, please submit your request to me.  Please make sure your photograph request is something that I can take a picture of in  Santa Rosa or Escambia county.    I hope this site will save you all time and money.  Any questions, please e-mail me   dahlgrenhl@mail.santarosa.k12.fl.us