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Process for Approval of Installed Software or Approval of Online Programs That Use Student Information (& the Required Forms)

The following process is for staff* and administrators seeking to pilot or deploy new vendor software or services that require student data or staff data, or on whose servers student/staff data will reside.
*Please discuss with an administrator, first. The admin may know of others using the same program and save you from duplication of effort.

PROCESS FLOWCHART (PDF - or click image below.)

Process Flowchart for approving software or web-based programs

Quick Access

  1. Online Vendors with Confidentiality Agreements (approved for data exchange) (Rev. 11/15/16 - Added SchoolApp Express. (XLSX) (PDF) Please contact your admin or Grade Level Director if unsure of a previous agreement with a vendor.
  2. Approved Installed Instructional Software List (Rev. 11/08/16) If the software will be installed on a computer but NO student or staff information will be shared with the vendor, only the software request form (63-11-53A), is necessary.

Just Forms

Administrative Services Forms

  • Authorization for Student Participation in a Field Trip (form 72-03-34):  PDF  |  DOC
  • Field Trip and/or Use of Bus(es) Request (form 78-01-02):  Please contact Melissa Weber at 983-5100 or by email.
  • Field Trip Attendance Application (form 50-01-02):  PDFDOC
  • Parental Authorization for Off Campus Activity (form 72-30-30):  PDF  |  DOC
  • Request for Religious Venue (form 50-01-04) DOC

Bright Futures Community Service

Human Resources

Professional Development

Click here for the following inservice-related documents.

  • Master Inservice Plan
  • Performance Pay
  • Professional Development System (incl. PDP)
  • Professional Development Voucher (63-11-30)
  • Links to the Evaluation Systems are found on the Employee Evaluation Resources page.

Student-Related Documents



Frequently Requested Forms