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Process for Approval of Installed Software or Approval of Online Programs That Use Student Information (& the Required Forms)

The following process is for staff* and administrators seeking to pilot or deploy new vendor software or services that require student data or staff data, or on whose servers student/staff data will reside.
*Please discuss with an administrator, first. The admin may know of others using the same program and save you from duplication of effort.

Quick Access

  1. Check the Approved Vendors List (sharing student data) or Approved Instructional Software List.
    1. Approved Online Services Vendor List (approved for data exchange) (Rev. 08/22/16 - Recently added: Fast ForWord, Hartman Photography, Stones Studio. (XLSX) (PDF) Please contact your admin or Grade Level Director if unsure of a previous agreement with a vendor.
    2. Approved Installed Instructional Software List (Rev. 07/17/16) If the software will be installed on a computer but NO student or staff information is required, only the request form (INSTALLED) in step 4a, below, is necessary.
  2. If not listed, notify your Grade Level Director of your intent to pilot unlisted, new software (or your teacher's intent). Your director may be aware of a previous pilot or other pertinent information.
  3. Because data exchanged with virtually all vendors can be sensitive, the first document to obtain from a vendor is the NEW Data Disbursement Confidentiality Disclosure  Agreement (63-11-64)(rev. Aug. 2014). In addition to the confidentiality agreement, obtain the vendor’s security standards that address FERPA legislation. This form requires signatures from an admin and the company.
  4. After obtaining the confidentiality agreement, fill out one of these two REQUEST  forms 
    1. If software needs to be INSTALLED on district machines, use this form:  INSTALLED Software, Projects, Student Technology Assistant Programs Request (63-11-53A).
    2. If the service is completely ONLINE, use this form: Application Service Provider (ASP) or Online Software/Services Request (63-11-53B).
  5. If the company will need teacher and/or student records straight from Data Processing, it must be Active Directory compliant. If it is, fill out Data Disbursement Approval Request (63-11-04)
    At any rate, student data should be password protected when sent to a vendor through email.
  6. Send the Confidentiality Agreement (if needed), the appropriate REQUEST form, and the Data Disbursement request (if needed) to Eric Englert, who will send the documents to the appropriate personnel for review.
  7. If the requests are approved, you will be notified and may proceed with the pilot or purchase the software or service. Before renewing the contract with the vendor in subsequent years, obtain a new confidentiality agreement (and the vendor's security standards addressing FERPA if they have changed). The grade level directors will obtain these if the software is purchased at the district level or by multiple schools.

Just Forms

Administrative Services Forms

  • Authorization for Student Participation in a Field Trip (form 72-03-34):  PDF  |  DOC
  • Field Trip and/or Use of Bus(es) Request (form 78-01-02):  Please contact Melissa Weber at 983-5100 or by email.
  • Field Trip Attendance Application (form 50-01-02):  PDFDOC
  • Parental Authorization for Off Campus Activity (form 72-30-30):  PDF  |  DOC
  • Request for Religious Venue (form 50-01-04) DOC

Bright Futures Community Service

Human Resources

Professional Development

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  • Master Inservice Plan
  • Performance Pay
  • Professional Development System (incl. PDP)
  • Professional Development Voucher (63-11-30)
  • Links to the Evaluation Systems are found on the Employee Evaluation Resources page.

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