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  1. Access Beacon
  2. Create a new account (if you do not have one)
    1. Use the New Account link and fill in your district information. This will connect you to our Santa Rosa roster for grading purposes. It also allows you to take the courses provided by the district.
    2. You will be directed back to the homepage to Login to Beacon.
  3. Register for the first course
    1. Click on the Register tab and choose District Enrollment which is free to the participants. (Note: choosing Individual Enrollment will have a few associated with it which will be paid by the participant)
    2. Choose: Santa Rosa: MODULES for Para Pro Subscription
    3. Decide which course you want to take and click the Register NOW button right below the description


All courses are On-Demand which means they can be done at any time through the dates listed. Participants may work at their own pace.

Course completion status is pulled from the Beacon website once a month by the Office of Professional Learning (OPL) and recorded in MyPD. If you need the points recorded quickly due to the testing timeline, print the certificate and send it to the Inservice Secretary at the Office of Professional Learning in the Dillon Admin Center.

Once the course is recorded, a survey will be available on your MyPD homepage. This survey must be finished to receive credit.

Direct Beacon account or course registration or completion questions to the Santa Rosa Inservice Secretary at 983-5192.

When all requirements have been met to register for the Praxis test, contact Terry Powell at 983-5037.

Checklist of Completion

Required: (8 hours total)

  • Differentiated Classroom (2 hours)
  • ESE 101 (2 hours)
  • Recognizing Signs & Symptoms of Emotional Distress (2 hours)
  • Response to Intervention (RTI) (2 hours)

Choose One (6 hours total)

  • Common Core K-5: Close Reading (3 hours) + Common Core K-5: Text Complexity (3 hours)
  • Common Core K-5: Mathematics (6 hours)
  • Common Core 6-12: English Language Arts (6 hours)
  • Common Core 6-8: Mathematics (6 hours)
  • Common Core 9-12: Mathematics (6 hours)
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