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Paraprofessional Training

Paraprofessional Qualifications

**Employees hired after March 13, 2013 and all other applicants must successfully complete a minimum 48 semester college hours earned toward a college degree & verified by college transcript to become qualified for Paraprofessional.

Current Employees hired prior to March 13, 2013 will need to complete one of the following options:

  1. Successfully complete a minimum of 48 semester college hours or Associate’s degree.
  2. Complete 14 hours of approved in-service in Paraprofessional Training Components and successfully pass the Educational Testing Service Paraprofessional Assessment Test (Praxis).
    1. All of the following courses are required: (8 hours)
      1. Differentiated Classroom (2 hours)
      2. ESE 101 (2 hours)
      3. Recognizing Signs & Symptoms of Emotional Distress (2 hours)
      4. Response to Intervention (RTI) (2 hours)
    2. Then choose ONE of the following 6 hour class options:
      1. Common Core K-5: Close Reading (3 hours) + Common Core K-5: Text Complexity (3 hours)
      2. Common Core K-5: Mathematics (6 hours)
      3. Common Core 6-12: English Language Arts (6 hours)
      4. Common Core 6-8: Mathematics (6 hours)
      5. Common Core 9-12: Mathematics (6 hours)

Please see Module Offerings: Santa Rosa – MODULES for ParaPro Subscription to learn more about the courses. All courses listed above can be found on the Beacon website.

Directions for creating a Beacon account and registering for a course.

Once the required 14 hours of in-service has been satisfied, the employee must contact Terri Powell in the Human Resource office by phone at 983-5037 or email her for information about the Praxis test. Also contact Ms. Powell if you have questions about this process.

Upcoming Test Dates

(coming soon)


  1. An employee who has earned 48 semester college hours or more is not required to satisfy the in-service hours or take the Praxis test.
  2. Paraprofessionals are required to work directly with students at least 50% of their day.
  3. A Principal’s recommendation is not automatic. It is dependent upon staffing & the assigned duties of the employee.
  4. However, once Para-qualified, the employee is eligible to interview and possibly transfer to school sites in need of Paraprofessionals.