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Instructional Technology Specialist

Eric is the district webmaster, a teacher trainer, and manages the approval of all digital instructional materials.

Eric Englert

Eric Englert – My Story

Instructional Technology Specialist / Webmaster

I am a Teacher on Special Assignment, currently working for the district as an Instructional Technology Specialist. I have worked 29 years in the district, have been at the Office of Professional Learning for the past 19 years and provide a great deal of instructional technology support for teachers and administrators district-wide. Prior to coming to the PDC, I worked at Gulf Breeze Middle School and Gulf Breeze High School as a science teacher.

My primary duties are working as district webmaster, maintaining the district web and various department sites, and assisting the school and department web managers. A big part of my day is spent providing assistance to teachers and administrators needing help with software usage (via email and Skype). I also conduct blended skills training on a variety of topics and professional development involving technology integration.

I support the school data analysis teams through training and implementation of the district’s SMaRT data warehouse, and I work with and support the other Technology Integration Specialists, who provide site-based professional development to teachers.

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“As I watched Eric train Web Managers today, it struck me that he is the best trainer/teacher I have ever seen. His abilities are amazing.”

Why Work With Me?

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What I Can Do For You

Lesson Planning

Observational Feedback

Lesson Modeling

Small Group Support


Resources Support

Grading and SMART

Alt. Cert. Teacher Support

Emotional Support




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