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District Mentor Coach

I serve as a District Mentor Coach for Santa Rosa County.  I work with new teachers during their first few years of teaching to develop their comfort and skill in the classroom, and to grow them into future teacher leaders.  My mission is to draw other teachers towards their potential, while helping them to see their strengths and gifts along the way.

Sharon Mavity

Sharon Mavity – My Story

District Mentor Coach

Before becoming a Mentor Coach, I taught both first and second grade.  I was also a TIP Leader Teacher for Holley-Navarre Primary School.  Being a Mentor Coach is truly my dream job.  It allows me to work with other teachers, develop close relationships, grow their confidence, and spark their enthusiasm, while still spending time in schools and affecting children’s instruction.  I strive to help new teachers take their learning and put it into deliberate practice in the classroom.  Mentoring matters!

“Thank you so much for all the help you have given me this year!  You made me feel at home, and you were so patient with all of my questions.  I am so glad you were my mentor!”

three outlines of heads drawn on a chalkboard, first head with ? second with gears turning, third with ! with the word mentoring drawn below.

How Can I Help?

​As a Mentor Coach, I am here to provide support for you in your classroom, and to help you navigate your way through the PDCP program.  I will be looking to help you identify your strengths as a teacher, and to help you use those strengths to shine in your classroom!  Together, we can do this!

Qualifications & Awards



  • M.Ed.  Early Childhood Education, Xavier University, Cincinnati, OH
  • B.A. The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH
  • Florida Professional Certifications
    • Prekindergarten/Primary Education Age 3 – Grade 3
    • Reading K-12
    • English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Endorsement


  • Second Grade Classroom Teacher
  • First Grade Classroom Teacher 
  • TIP Leader Teacher
  • District Mentor Coach


  • Holley-Navarre Primary Teacher of the Year- 2019
  • TIP Leader Teacher
  • Best and Brightest Teacher Scholarship Award 2015-2019
  • Math & Literacy Committee Curriculum Development
  • Clinical Educator Trained Teacher

What I Can Do For You

Lesson Planning

Observational Feedback

Lesson Modeling

Small Group Instruction


Data Analysis

Student Grouping

Alt. Cert. Teacher Support

Emotional Support







6032 Hwy. 90, Milton FL 32570

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