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Lisa designs and creates graphics and videos for the district.

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Lisa Dahlgren – My Story

Visual Arts Specialist

I live in the south end of the county and am married to former SR principal, George Dahlgren. I have two great children, Josh born in 1979 and Brooke born in 1980. I have been with the school district since 1992, beginning at Holley-Navarre Elementary, transferring to Holley-Navarre Primary, and in 1999 the Office of Professional Learning. I have a strong background in art and photography and over 40 years of experience, which allows me to know what is needed in video production.

My job is comprised of many facets, shooting and editing video with Adobe Premier and After Effects , taking photos and editing in Photoshop and Lightroom and managing my channel “iN”.

Let me tell you about this channel in Stream (Office 365)… one day I was thinking about what could I do to help teachers inspire their students, when an idea came to me.  I know teachers search for lesson ideas on Teacher Pay Teacher, so what if I went to classrooms and video-taped teachers teaching lessons that other teachers could incorporate in their classes and that was the beginning of “ideas Now”  or “iN” as I call it. If you go to Office 365 and then to Stream (if you don’t see it you can click on Explore all your Apps and scroll down to find it) choose channels and search ideas Now you will find video resources now.  We have so many amazing teachers in our district and it is time to shine and share…so if you will let me “iN’ or join “iN” I believe this resource could be amazing.

We all have ideas and strengths and each member of the OPL brings a little something different to the table. I believe that my strong people skills and my love for “telling the story” show in my work. I feel lucky to work in such a student-oriented county, love my job, and consider myself fortunate to be a part of the Santa Rosa School District.

“Your video is amazing-It captured the story and I love it so much!”

Dacia Jones, Professional Learning Consultant, Discovery Education

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