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Microsoft Office 365 FAQs


Why does SRCSD use Microsoft Office 365?
The use of Microsoft Office 365 correlates with Florida Standards, which have over 150 Pre-K to 12 standards related directly or indirectly to technology. SRCSD students will have the opportunity to learn how to use Office 365 for individual and collaborative writing, communication, and publishing activities. Office 365 provides a cloud-based environment that allows students and staff the ability to access and use tools and resources anytime, anyplace, and on any device. For detailed list of the Florida Standards, click here.

Does a student need to have Microsoft Office installed on a home computer to use Office 365?
No, students do no need to have Microsoft Office installed on a computer at home to use Office 365. Students will go to ClassLink to access Office 365 and all of the applications will be available to them. Even though Microsoft Office does not need to be installed on a home computer to use Office 365, our agreement with Microsoft allows students to install the latest version of Microsoft Office on home computers for free on up to 5 computers (PCs or Macs) and Office apps on other mobile devices including Android, iPad, and Windows tablets. Microsoft Office includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher and Access.

Do students have access to email with Office 365?
Yes, students in grades 3-12 have access to Office 365 Outlook mail. The purpose of student email is to collaborate and communicate with students and their teachers.

What is the value of Microsoft Office 365?
Microsoft Office 365 is a productive instructional classroom tool that facilitates communication, collaboration, and creativity anytime, anywhere and on any device. Files stored on Office 365 are always accessible and backed-up online in a safe and secure data environment. Office 365’s intuitive commenting feature is ideal for instructor and student feedback.

What if a student does not have a computer at home?
The use of Office 365 is part of the instructional content and students will have opportunities to work in their Office 365 account during the school day. SRCSD Office 365 is safe and web-based, which means it can be accessed from the public library or other places where computers are available. It can also be accessed from any mobile device with Internet access.

Can students send e-mail to “outside accounts” with the Microsoft Office 365 account?
No, currently students are able to send email to their teachers and peers.

Can students use a Microsoft Office 365 account they have already created on a personal computer at home?
No, students will be expected to use their district Microsoft Office 365 account when working on school-related projects and assignments.

Do these apps work on an iPad or other tablet?

Microsoft Office 365 documents may be edited using a mobile browser. Also, different mobile platforms make Microsoft applications available through their app store.

Can a parent see what their student is doing on Microsoft Office 365?
No, there is not a Parent View account in Office 365. Parents are encouraged to explore Office 365 with their student by logging in together. Parents are able to have their student log in at home and show them what the student is currently working on in class, as well as items that have been “turned in” and commented on by the teacher.

What about Privacy?

SRCSD has an agreement with Microsoft for access to a suite of educational services described as ‘Office 365.’ Microsoft is identified as a school official for purposes of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) with regard to these services, which means information shared within the core Microsoft ‘Office 365’ suite of services is protected by both PWCS and Microsoft as confidential under FERPA. Use of Microsoft services or products outside of this core ‘Office 365’ suite may not be so protected by Microsoft. Additional information about Microsoft security and privacy may be found at http://www.microsoft.com/online/legal/v2/en-us/MOS_PTC_Regulatory_Comp.htm

Who has access to a student’s account?
The Microsoft Terms of Service agreement with SRCSD contractually ensures that our institution (students, faculty, and staff) are the sole owners of their data. Microsoft will only access content stored on Apps when an administrator from SRCSD grants Microsoft explicit permission to do so. One example would be to investigate inappropriate use.

Does a student retain copyright of their creations?
The same copyright rules apply to content in Microsoft Office 365 that would apply to any other creation, provided the student is the sole owner.

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