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Thursday, January 25, 2018

Phase 1 – Improve Web Page and Site Accessibility in SRCDS

  1. District identifies an accessibility tool that will meet most needs.
  2. District Webmaster will receive training on tool.
  3. District Webmaster will receive web accessibility training.
  4. District Webmaster will conduct an accessibility audit of the district web and subwebs existing on the same site (www.santarosa.k12.fl.us and sub sites)
  5. District department and school Web Managers will receive an introductory email pointing them to immediately and easily “fixable” accessibility issues that may be present (and are most common) on their sites.
  6. District department and school Web Managers will receive training on web accessibility and the accessibility tool.
  7. District site and school Web Managers will conduct accessibility audits on their sites.

Phase 1 complete (but ongoing) approximately 06/01/18

Phase 2- Improve Document Accessibility in SRCDS

  1. Office of Professional Learning (OPL) staff members learn to create accessible Word Documents
  2. OPL staff members learn to create accessible Adobe Documents
  3. OPL staff members work with district-level secretaries and staff who create documents and forms that go on the web or onto the network to create accessible documents and forms.
  4. Appropriate district-level secretaries and staff receive Adobe Acrobat DC Pro and training on document creation, compliance and accessibility.
  5. Forms committee modifies existing forms to be compliant and fillable PDF.
  6. Forms committee monitors forms in use in district, identifies forms that need to be made accessible and supports department secretaries or staff in doing so.
  7. OPL staff identify school staff who can train colleagues on site to implement accessibility in all documentations, especially when documents are aimed at students and parents.
  8. School staff will train on site personnel to use Word

Phase 3 – Improve Media Accessibility

  1. District identifies online videos and the staff who create them.
  2. District develops and implements a training plan for creating accessible video (captioning) and making existing videos accessible.
  3. … Under Development

Applicable items for each phases will continue as will monitoring of accessibility and compliance.

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