Language Assessment Scales
Testing Instructions for New ESOL Students

Must be administered within 20 school days when a student answers
"yes" to any of the three questions on the Home Language Survey

Get everything you need together in a quiet place with no distractions:

*    Answer sheet, student profile sheet
*    Cassette and player (and a blank cassette if you want to record the student's story retelling)
*    Pencil, pen
*    Administration Manual, Scoring and Interpretation
*    Manual, Cue Picture Book

Testing procedure:

Complete student-identification data.
Give student a reasonable amount of time to respond.

*    Part 1 (Name That Picture and Action Words) doesn't require the cassette.
Follow specific directions and "script" in the manual. You will point to a picture in
the Picture Cue booklet and ask the student to identify the object or the action portrayed.
Mark incorrect answers in the answer booklet.

*    Part 2 (Listening Comprehension) requires the cassette (Side A)
and pictures in the cue booklet. Follow directions and script.   
(Note: the example on the tape does not have a matching picture, but the actual test items
do have pictures.)  Play the tape, pausing for student answers. 
Mark incorrect responses.

*    Part 3 (Story Retelling) requires the cassette  (Side B) and pictures in the cue booklet.
Play the taped story while the student listens.
Ask the student to repeat the story while you record it on a blank tape. You will not be
able to write as he speaks, so it's important to record his retelling for future reference or corroboration.

Scoring procedure:

*   Use the Student Profile Sheet, Short Form
Fill in the scores for Item Blocks 1 through 7 on the left side.
All score conversion tables are in the Oral Scoring and Interpretation Manual.

*    Do exactly what the Student Profile Sheet asks you to do.

*    To determine the appropriate score for Block 3 (Story  Retelling), compare what
you wrote down to the sample passages pages 7-20 in the Scoring Manual; 
choose the passage that most closely resembles what you have written
and record the score in the Block.
*    To validate this score, play the tape recording of the student's retelling;
as you listen, decide whether your chosen score is accurate.
If you have trouble with this part, send me the tape, and I will help you choose the score.
This is the most difficult section to score, and it is also weighted most in determining fluency.

*    Ignore Block 4a, unless the score is between 73.3 and 75.5.
With these inconclusive (borderline) scores, you will have to use the observation
form in the back of the Scoring Manual to determine ESOL placement.
I suggest that someone who has had some extended contact with the student
complete the observation form.

*    Interpret Language Proficiency from the score as directed.

*    If the student is in grades 4-12, administer the appropriate CTBS-4 Survey.
If the student scores at or below the 32nd percentile in either subtest,
he must be scored as Limited English Proficient.


Kindergarten      Pre-LAS
Grade 1             Pre-LAS
2                       LAS 1C
3                       LAS 1C
4                       LAS 1C and CTBS-4 Survey Level 14
5                       LAS 1C and CTBS-4 Survey Level 15
6                       LAS 1C and CTBS-4 Survey Level 16
7                       LAS 2C and CTBS- 4 Survey Level 17
8                       LAS 2C and CTBS- 4 Survey Level 18
9                       LAS 2C and CTBS- 4 Survey Level 19
10                     LAS 2C and CTBS- 4 Survey Level 20
11                     LAS 2C and CTBS- 4 Survey Level 21
12                     LAS 2C and CTBS- 4 Survey Level 22

Please have appropriate tests on hand so that you can meet the 20-day
requirement of the federal court decree.

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