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Santa Rosa County District Schools

Designated an Academically High-Performing School District by the State of Florida.

Upcoming changes to our web: Our website will be undergoing some changes to increase ease of use and reduce clutter. We have started with the main menu: 1) the menu is now in alphabetical order, 2) all essential links are under the heading “Useful Links,” and 3) Employees, Employment, and School Board menu items are under the heading “District.”

We serve the people and community of Santa Rosa County, Florida. Our VISION is for our students to be productive, successful contributors to society. Accordingly, our MISSION is to prepare students for success by providing a superior, relevant education.

For parents of remote learning students, we have established 10 school locations across the district that will provide internet access from outside the building. have partnered with our local community library services, who will accept students for remote learning. If either of those won’t work, please reach out to parents and friends who have internet access. Thank you for patience as we work to reopen for our students.