HMS Supply List 2013 – 2014




Loose Leaf Notebook Paper

Notebook Paper

Notebook Paper – College Ruled

1- Pack of # 2 Pencils

#2 Pencils

# 2 Pencils or Mechanical Pencils

2- Green Pens

2- Spiral Bound Notebooks

2 Highlighters (1 Not Yellow)

6- Folders with Brad & Pockets

6- Folders with Brads & Pockets

1 Package Graph Paper

1- Pack Colored Pencils

1- Package Highlighters

1 Basic Calculator

1- Set Ear Buds/Headphones

Graph Paper

2 Spiral Notebooks

1- Box of Tissues-Homeroom

Math Compass

1- Ruler  with Metric Measurements

Hand sanitizer-Homeroom

Math Protractor

Blue or Black Pens

1- Ream of Computer Paper-HR

Basic Calculator

Math Compass

1- Pack of Highlighters


Math Protractor

1- Metric Ruler

2- Ink Pens (1 Red/Orange or Green)

2 Packs of Index Cards

1- Three Ring 1 ½ Inch Binder

Ear Buds/Headphones

1- Ream of Computer Paper

1- 70 Count Spiral Notebook

1- Ream Computer Paper

1- Box of Facial Tissues

Clorox Wipes – CT Class

1- Roll of Paper Towels

1- Roll of Paper Towels

1- Package Graph Paper

1- Box of Facial tissue

Ear Buds/Headphones


Hand Sanitizer


*ESE Supply List is available upon request.

 PE Students:  Combination Lock.  Required dress for PE is a solid white T-shirt, solid black shorts, or black shorts with white trim.  Cold weather dress is white sweatshirt and black pants.

**In no instance are these supplies required or collection of fees mandatory according to the Santa Rosa County School Board Policy 4.19.