There are times when a parent may need his/her child to attend a Santa Rosa school other than the school of his/her residential zone.  The district has a policy by which a parent can request a transfer to another school and if approved, the parent will be responsible for transporting his/her child to school. Forms can be acquired from the schools or obtained online (see below). The parent will need to attach a statement to the transfer form stating the reason for the transfer.

It is not always possible to approve all requests as the school must first serve those who reside within the school’s attendance zone.  At times consideration can be given if space is available in the requested grade level. The procedure to follow for a school transfer is outlined in the school board policy 5.20 Pupil Assignment.

Parents may submit an application for a school transfer request beginning May 15th and ending June 15th each calendar year. No applications will be accepted after June 15th unless the parent/student has established residence in Santa Rosa County after June 15th of the current year.  Transfer determinations will not be made prior to July 15th.

Please see our School Choice page for the transfer forms.