Active Agreements

Blanket Purchase Agreement October 21, 2011  BPA Number GCPC

All orders MUST reference the individual HON Florida Contact Number and the BPA number (GCPC) of this agreement.  Orders shall be submitted for a minimum of $100.00 net on each order.  Orders must have a single "ship to" destination within the United States in order for the freight to be paid by HON.  Current agreement ends October 21, 2012

HON and the Agency, have agreed to enter into this Agreement in order to allow the Agency to acquire HON commercial products and services directly from HON, with the assistance of authorized servicing dealers, using pricing, terms, and conditions set forth in the HON State of Florida Contract 425-001-06-1, by and between HON and the State of Florida (the "Florida Contract").  The pricing, terms, and conditions of the HON Florida Contract (may be amended revised or renewed from time to time under the terms of the Contract) are incorporated by reference herein.  HON will provide Gulf Coast Purchasing Cooperative with copies of the HON Florida Contract upon the written request of the Agency.

Gulf Coast Purchasing Cooperative agrees to purchase, during the following dates, October 21, 2011 - October 20, 2012, a minimum of $1,000.000.00 list of product from HON ("Annual Purchase Projection"), determined on a net invoice basis.

The agency has requested installed delivery only.  Installed terms shall be f.o.b. destination, freight and installation cost prepaid.  The term f.o.b. destination shall mean delivered and installed inside any agency incorporated as a part of this BPA agreement.  Installation costs will be a fee of 10% net product amount.  Discounts below reflect discounts off current list price in effect under the HON Florida contract, minus the 10% fee for installation.

Initiate, Abound, Flagship Pedestals 71.3%
Simplicity II and other Pedestals 71.3%
Metal Desks and Computer Support 62.2%
Lateral Files and Storage 72.2%
Other Filing and Storage 67.9%
Executive Office Furniture Casegoods 61.0%
Conference Room Furniture 61.0%
Tables 61.0%
Reception Seating 60.6%
Multiple Seating 60.6%
Multiple Purpose Seating Wood 60.6%
Stacking Seating 60.6%
Voi 60.9%
Education 55.9%

Deliveries and/or installation shall be made during normal eight (8) hour business days, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.  If delivery and/or installation are required before or after normal business hours or on weekends or holidays, the Servicing Dealer will negotiate the cost of such additional services.