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Integrated: 1. made whole by bringing together all parts. 2. joined with something else. 3. united

Building an Integrated Services System

The Santa Rosa District Schools Integrated Services Program emphasizes that a truly integrated student services program must be organized around effectiveness and efficiency in five specific areas.

Integrated Services Teams

Core to the Integrated Services Program is the existence of Integrated Services Teams at every school site in Santa Rosa County. Current Santa Rosa County School Board Policy 10.35 reads:

Each school shall offer and provide the assistance of an Integrated Services Team, which will assist students with meeting the academic, social, emotional, and health needs of students. This support will enable students to meet the requirements of the Santa Rosa County Pupil Progression Plan, the Santa Rosa County Student Development Plan, and the Florida Sunshine State Standards. The Integrated Services Team will periodically monitor student outcomes and team functioning for the purpose of providing input for improvements in school-based student services and ESE programs. 

Teams will meet at least once per month during the school year. Representation on the Team shall include but is not limited to a school administrator, team coordinator, guidance counselor, school psychologist, school social worker, regular classroom teacher, and/or ESE teacher, and a community resource person. Extended members of the team may be added as appropriate. Team members will adhere to all confidentiality guidelines. 

School District Forms - Integrated Services Referral Form

PowerPoint Presentation - Integrated Services Training Module I

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