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Great American Eclipse | August 21, 2017

On Monday, August 21st, the United States will be treated to a phenomenal astrological event, a total solar eclipse of the sun. This is the first total eclipse to be visible in the contiguous U.S. in 38 years.


It is never safe to look directly at the sun, even for a short period of time. Staring at the sun can damage the retinas of your eyes. If you want to watch the eclipse, there are three safe ways:

  1. On TV and Online – You can watch video of the eclipse as a part of several live streams of the event.
  2. With Special Glasses or Solar Viewers – If you have special eclipse glasses, you can look at the eclipse. But you cannot look at the eclipse safely with regular sunglasses or just your eyes.
  3. With a Pinhole Projector — Learn how to make a pinhole projector.

Options for Parents

Many of our schools will have exciting activities planned for students during the eclipse.

Many of our lessons will be indoors, and some will be outdoors. All outdoor eclipse lessons will use proper safety procedures.

If you do not want your child to be a part of any outdoor eclipse plans, please notify your school.

If you want your child to view the eclipse from home you can check them out from school or keep your child at home that day. These absences will be excused with a note from a parent.


Santa Rosa County will experience a partial eclipse beginning around 12:03pm and ending around 3:02 pm. During the partial eclipse, we will witness the moon covering approximately 85% of the sun.

During the eclipse, those who are inside of the path of totality (the dark grey stripe on the map) will see the sun completely blocked from view by the moon.