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District Committee Minutes

The following are official minutes for our official Santa Rosa District committees. They are organized and grouped by committee name and then date (newest to oldest).


Digital Instructional Resources

The DDIRC (District Digital Instructional Resources Committee) evaluates and approves all online services and installed software used and purchased in our district per SB Policy 4.21+. The committee meets four times per year.

District Technology

The DTC (District Technology Committee) advises Data Processing, Tech Support, and the Office of Professional Learning on on all technology-related matters. The committee meets as necessary.


Paperwork Reduction and Forms Review (aka Forms Committee)

To maintain compliance with Florida Statutes: 1008.385, Santa Rosa County School System has organized a Paperwork Reduction and Forms Committee. The purpose of the Paperwork Reduction and Forms Review Committee is to seek to improve recommended procedures for eliminating, revising, reducing, or consolidating paperwork and data collection requirements. The Paperwork Reduction and Forms Committee will meet annually, or as needed to fulfill duties as outlined and to submit the annual report to the School Board and Department of Education.

Professional Development Advisory Council

The PDAC (Professional Development Advisory Council) advises the Office of Professional Development on inservice and professional development-related issues. This committee meets as necessary.


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