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Documents & Forms (Alphabetical Listing)

Some documents may not be available online. If you need assistance in locating a referenced document, please contact the responsible department. 



A – B

Acceptable Use Policies (Student, Employee, and Volunteer/Non-Employee forms)

Active Directory Domain Account Request Form (form 77-01-01) Note: Volunteers will only be given domain accounts when a special need is identified. The process must be initiated by the site Administrator.

Accreditation Information

Alternative Certification

Animals on School Board Property

Approved Alternate Websites and Social Media Hosting List for Teachers

Approved Instructional Software List (also see: Install Software Request Formyou might see an error page, but the Word file will download, so look for it at the bottom of your browser window.)

Approved Online Services Vendor List

Approved Projector and Installation Purchasing Information (Projector, Screen, Install Kit, &/or Labor.) Also available: Bulb and Filter replacements (for most Epson projectors and Short Throw projector information).

Assessment (also see Local Assessments)

Barracuda (how to eliminate SPAM)

Blue Collar Contract

C – D


Code of Student Conduct (CSC) (Spanish)

Community Service Hours of Certification (DOC)

Community Service Plan (DOC)

Comprehensive Student Development Plan

Confidentiality Disclosure Agreement (from 63-11-64 – needed if vendor will need any personal information from students)

Conflict of Interest Determination Request Form  (docx) (form 72-04-08)

Contact List

Contrato De Política De Uso Aceptable Para Alumnos

Copyright and Educational Media Policy Agreement (form 63-11-59) also Obtaining Copyright Permission Letter (form 63-11-25)

Crisis Intervention Team Resource Manual (Document is on a protected site and requires an emergency responder access account.)

Digital Classroom Plan


District 5-Year Work Plan

District Emergency Plan

District Improvement & Assistance Plan

District Safety Plan (aka District Safety and Health Policy and Plan) (Scroll down on page to see link.)

District Staffing Plan (Not available online. A hard copy is available at the Human Resources office.)

District Technology Plan and E-Rate Information

E – F

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Educator Accomplished Practices (Florida)

Electronic Communications Policy and AUP Implementation Guidelines

Employee AUP (No signature required. Verification obtained through required videos.)

Employee Evaluation Resources

Events Calendar

Family Guide

Field Trip and/or Use of Bus(es) Request (form 78-01-02 – please see Field Trip information or contact Melissa Weber at 983-5100 or by email.)

Field Trip Procedures and Charges

Field Trip Attendance Application (DOC) (form 50-01-02)

Field Trip: Authorization for Student Participation in a Field Trip (doc) (form 72-03-34)

FIREWALL/iBoss – Request to Open a Blocked Site (form 63-11-26)

Food Service Operations Handbook (Not available online. A hard copy is available at the Purchasing office.)

Form Authorization Request for New and Revised Forms (form 63-10-01) Note: This form must accompany all new and revised forms that are submitted to the Forms Committee for approval.

Free/Reduced Online Application (Scroll down on the Food Services page to locate application and instructions.)

G – K

Guest Speakers – Agreement and Guidelines (form 50-01-01)

Guidelines for Student Volunteer Hours (doc)

Homeless Education Program

Human Resources Documents and Forms (includes link to Human Resources Procedures Manual (HRPM))

iBoss- Request to Open a Blocked Site (form 63-11-26)

In-County Travel (Print in landscape layout only) (See also Out-of-County Travel on that page.)

Inservice and Professional Development-Related Documents

Install Software, Projects, Student Tech Asst Programs Request Form (for approval of software that is installed on a computer)

Instructional Materials Handbook/Manual (rev. 7/2017)

Instructional Request for Transfer Within Santa Rosa County

Instructional Software List (also: Install Software Request Form)

Instructional Technology Plan

Internal Funds Procedure Manual

Internet Filter Policy Information for Students

Internet Safety Instruction Compliance form for Administrators (form 63-11-35)

L – O

Library Media Handbook

Library Media Resources

Library Media Services Forms

Log of Community Service Hours (DOC)

Master Inservice Plan (Master Inservice Plan Components)

Mileage Charts (Included in In-County Travel document.)

Mission and Vision

Model Release Form – Generic (form 63-11-57)

Model Release Form – Mediacom (form 63-11-57b)

Obtaining Copyright Permission Letter (form 63-11-25)

Online Operational Documentation Rationale & Request for Paper Copies

Online Service Request (form 63-11-53B – required for new online vendor approval)

Out-of-County Travel (see also In-County Travel (Print in landscape layout only))

Organizational Chart

Outside Support Organizations

P – R

Parent/Guardian Email Information (Also available here in Spanish.)

Parent Satisfaction Survey (results from May 2012) Previous Results (Sep. 2010, May 2011, Oct. 2011)

Pensacola State College/Santa Rosa District Dual Enrollment Articulation Agreement

Pre-Qualification Procedures for Educational Facility Contractors

Process for Approval of Installed Software or Approval of Online Programs That Use Student Information

Project Priority List

Projector and Installation Purchasing Information (Projector, Screen, Install Kit, &/or Labor.)

Projector Bulb and Filter Replacements (for most Epson projectors and Short Throw projector information).

Professional Development Voucher (form 63-11-30) (DOC)

Public Records Request

Religious Venue (request form 50-01-04)

Report Educator Misconduct

Request for Religious Venue


SACS/CASI Guided Self-Study Report

Scholarship Program Information

School Accountability Reports (i.e., grades)

School Choice and Transfer Forms

School Choice Plan

School Financial Reports

School Handbooks (These are only available in hard copy at the individual school sites.)

School Health Program Letter 17-18 (in Spanish)

School Health Services Policy and Procedures Manual

School Improvement Plans (linked on individual School Profile pages)

School Plant Surveys

School Public Accountability Reports (linked on individual School Profile pages)

School Start/Dismissal Times

School Year Calendar

SMART How-To Documents

Special Programs and Procedures for Exceptional Students

SRPE Master Contract

Strategic Improvement Plan

Student AUP 17-18 (Word version)  (available here in Spanish) (SB approval 05/18/17)

Code of Student Conduct (Spanish version here)

Student Mobile Device Agreement

Student Mobile Device Policy

Student Progression Plan

Student Records Handbook

T – Z

Transfer or Demotion within Santa Rosa County (request form 72-04-04)

Transfers & School Choice

Transportation Procedures Manual / Employee Handbook

Travel Procedures Manual

Truancy Plan

Use of Educational Media From Outside Sources (request form 63-11-60)

Volunteer AUP

Volunteer Information