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Documents & Forms

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Note: Some documents may not be available online. If you need assistance in locating a referenced document, please contact the responsible department. 

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Active Directory Domain Account Request Form (form 77-01-01) Note: Volunteers will only be given domain accounts when a special need is identified. The process must be initiated by the site Administrator.

Accreditation Information

Alternative Certification

Animals on School Board Property

Approved Alternate Websites and Social Media Hosting List for Teachers

Approved Digital Instructional Resource List

Authorization for Student Participation in a Field Trip (See Student Trip Guide)

Blue Collar Contract

Booster Registration Form



Certification Exam Information Guides (subject area exam interactive guides)

Challenge Materials Process (see Instructional Material Grievance Procedure, below)

Child Trafficking Prevention Education

Citizen’s Request for Re-evaluation of Instructional Materials (see Instructional Material Grievance Procedure, below)

Code of Student Conduct

Código de Conducta Estudiantil

Community Service Hours Guidelines (Student Volunteer Hours for Bright Futures Scholarships)

Community Service Hours of Certification (form 901802)

Community Service Hours Student Log (form 901803)

Community Service Plan (form 901801)

Components (see Professional Learning Catalog)

Comprehensive Student Development Plan

Conflict of Interest Determination Request Form  (docx) (form 72-04-08)

Contact List

Contrato de Política de Uso Aceptable para Alumnos (form SR900710SP)

Copyright (The Educator’s Guide to Copyright, Fair Use, and Creative Commons)

Copyright and Educational Media Policy Agreement (form SR900713) also Obtaining Copyright Permission Letter (form SR900714)

Crisis Intervention Team Resource Manual (Document is protected and requires an emergency responder access account.)

E - F

Educator Accomplished Practices (Florida)

Electronic Communications Policy and AUP Implementation Guidelines

Employee AUP (No signature required. Verification obtained through required videos.)

Employee Evaluation Resources

Events Calendar (requires Office365 login from home)

Family Guide

Field Trip Information (Student Trip Guide)

FIREWALL/iBoss – Request to Open a Blocked Site

Food Service Operations Handbook (Not available online. A hard copy is available at the Purchasing office.)

Form Authorization Request for New and Revised Forms (form SR000001) (This form must accompany all new and revised forms that are submitted to the Forms Committee for approval.)

Free/Reduced Online Application (Spanish version of Free/Reduced application.)

Acceptable Use Documents

(20-21 School Year)


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