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Piloting or Purchasing Digital Instructional Resources

Approval Process

These steps are to be followed by the educator wishing to purchase or pilot the product.

  1. Please check the Approved Digital Instructional Resource list. Your product may already be approved.*
  2. If your product is not on the list, please talk to your administrator about the value/instructional importance of the product.
  3. Fill out the first page of the Request for New Digital Instructional Resource. (Form 63-11-01) (Download the PDF to your machine before you fill it out.)
  4. Send form to Eric Englert, electronically.
  5. Your request may be tentatively approved for piloting for a specified time period. Follow any instructions received by district staff for piloting the new resource.
  6. Generate buzz with staff at other schools. Unless circumstances warrant it, new digital instructional resources will be approved for continued use only if submitted by at least three separate schools.

*If your product is already approved, please give your Bookkeeper the following information to make the purchase.

  1. Name of school
  2. Name of vendor/name of software
  3. How much and dates of subscription, if applicable.
  4. Confirmation that the request is on the approved list.


  • Request does not guarantee approval.
  • You will receive status updates in a timely manner.