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Piloting or Purchasing Digital Instructional Resources

Approval Process for Web-based or Installed Programs

This process is from School Board Policy 4.21+. If a product NOT on the Approved Digital Instructional Resource list, these steps are to be followed by the educator wishing to purchase or pilot it.

Your product may already be approved, so please check the Approved Digital Instructional Resource list (updated weekly).

Basic Process

  1. Get service/software approval for use in our district. (if not already on approved list.)
  2. Get bookkeeper to email for approval to purchase (each time purchased).

Please note that if Title funds are used, the service MUST be research- and evidence-backed.

Get Service/Software Approval for Use in Our District

  1. Talk to your PRINCIPAL about the value/instructional importance of the product.
  2. Ask your administrator to call and discuss your request with the applicable Grade-Level DIRECTOR.
    Your request will not be processed until step 2 has been completed.
  3. Fill out the Request for New Digital Instructional Resource. (Form SR900701)
    (Download the PDF to your machine before you fill it out.)
    1. Caution: Fillable forms will automatically open in the browser and not save properly.
      1. Download/Save the form to your computer.
      2. Locate the form.
      3. Right click it to select open with Adobe Acrobat ReaderUsing Acrobat Reader is the only way to save your entries in the file properly.
  4. Email the completed form to your TECH CONTACT. Please be sure to include Funding Source and estimated Total Cost.
  5. Have the Tech Contact digitally sign the form and email it to the PRINCIPAL.
  6. Your administrator should then email the digitally signed form to BRENDA BROSNAHAM (Instructional Technology Specialist in the Office of Professional Learning).
  7. Your Request will then go to the District Digital Instructional Resource Committee (DDIRC). The DDIRC meets September, December, March, and May for approvals.
  8. After committee approval, your request should be approved as a PILOT for a specified time period. Follow any instructions received by district staff for piloting the new resource. If your request is denied, you will receive explicit reasons for the denial.
  9. For use beyond the pilot year, you will be asked to supply supporting evidence of the success of the program in your classroom. The applicable Grade-Level or Program Director and Subject Area Coordinator must endorse the use of the program.

Prior to submitting a request to use an installed digital resource, check the Approved Digital Instructional Resource List. For more information, please see the Digital Instructional Resource Approval Manual or contact Brenda Brosnaham.

Alternate Steps for Installed Software

  1. After receiving the digitally signed Request for New Digital Instructional Resource form from your administrator, Brenda Brosnaham, will verify the form accuracy and evaluate the software. If the software is to be used on a district-wide level, Ms. Brosnaham will forward the form to Technical Support Services, for evaluation by a Senior Network Analyst.
  2. If software is a desktop application, have your Tech Contact create a work order in Incident IQ to get the software evaluated. Note: This step may not needed for mobile device apps.

Get Bookkeeper To Email for Approval To Purchase.

Once approved, please give your Bookkeeper the following information to make the purchase. Please note that if Title funds are used, the service MUST be evidence-based.

  1. In the Subject Line include your School/Department Name and the name of the software, online support (subscription) or iPad/Tablet app
  2. In the body of the email:
    1. School/Dept
    2. Vendor
    3. Service or Software Name
    4. Subscription dates
    5. State that the vendor is on the Approved Digital Instructional Resource List (If it is not, do not send an email. Instead, point the requesting person to approval process page: https://www.santarosa.k12.fl.us/digital-instructional-resources/)
    6. A copy of the quote from the vendor the shows the number of licenses or seats that are being purchased and subscription start and end dates attached to the email
    7. (If an iPad app purchase) The account strip that is to be used to fund the purchase of the app


  • Request does not guarantee approval.
  • You will receive status updates in a timely manner, but if you do not hear from Ms. Brosnaham, please email her (brosnahamb@…)
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