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Tentative Agreement Notice and Ratification Material

As agreed to at the close of the November 1st, 2018 bargaining session, the District ran and verified the cost of the proposal identified and offered by SRPE. After seeing that actual costs were in line with the District’s prior proposal, the District decided to accept the SRPE proposal, which places all teachers on a new 18-19 Teacher Salary Schedule based on their qualified years of service and sets the level differentials at 1.6805% for levels 1-15 and 2.30% for levels 16-30 with teachers having 31+ years receiving a 2.0% longevity supplement. All proposed changes to the contract are wholly represented by the signed posted agreement, and all other items discussed during prior sessions have been dropped by both sides. The decision by the District to accept the SRPE proposal resulted in a tentatively agreed upon new contract language, which was also presented at the November 1, 2018 session. By reaching this agreement in a timely fashion, this will give SRPE the opportunity to present the agreement to the bargaining unit for ratification. Should SRPE be successful in securing a ratified agreement, the ratified document will be presented to the School Board at the November 15, 2018 meeting. Details from SRPE regarding the ratification process will be distributed in subsequent emails to the bargaining unit.

Please contact SRPE, if you have questions or need further assistance concerning the ratification process.

Nov. 1, 2018 SRC School Board Acceptance of SRPE Proposal with Signatures


SRPE 2017-18 Master Contract with Signatures (August 11, 2017 to August 10, 2020)

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SRCDS and SRPE 17-18 Master Contract in markup format for Ratification review.

SRPE/SRCSD 17-18 Negotiation Minutes

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SRPE/SRCSD 16-17 Negotiation Minutes

SRPE 15-16 Negotiation Minutes and Contract

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