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Military Families

Dr. Karen Barber, Superintendent of Santa Rosa Schools
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Dear Military Families,

First, let me humbly say that we thank you and your family for your service! The Air Force brought my husband and I to Santa Rosa County 24 years ago and this amazing school system educated our youngest two children. Our experience with the school district and our community was so positive that we made Santa Rosa County our forever home!

I know without a doubt the sacrifice military families make when a parent is a service member. Moving to a new duty station and home, deployment, and separation from family members can be stressful and challenging. During these times, it is wonderful to know the education your children will receive is high quality and the teachers, staff and administrators are doing their very best to support your children and to engage your family in a productive and meaningful partnership.

The Santa Rosa County School District has been designated a High Performing School District by the State of Florida and an “A” district. We provide our students with standards-based instruction that incorporates Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics (STEAM) as well as a strong foundation in literacy. No matter the subject, our teachers cultivate a learning environment that focuses on the 4 Cs (Critical Thinking, Communication, Collaboration and Creativity). From pre-kindergarten through 12th grade and beyond, Santa Rosa County School District is molding students to be adaptable, curious, and productive members of our community.

The mission of the Santa Rosa County School District is to teach children, love children and prepare them for a successful future. Please join us in this very important and life-changing mission. We stand ready to answer your questions, to listen to your feedback and to ensure that together your children are successful.

Please know that your child’s school and our district office are eager to work with you and provide the best education possible to your children. Also, please know that Military Liaison Officers are available to support your children and your family through the transition to Santa Rosa County and your new duty station. You can reach them using the information below.

Again, thank you for your services and thank you for entrusting Santa Rosa School District with the education and preparation of your children.

Dr. Karen Barber

Home Education Program

Home School is part of the
Santa Rosa Blended Academy.
5330 Berryhill Road, Milton FL  32570
ph. 850/981-7860   FAX 850/983-5715

For more home School information, please visit our Alternative Academics Program site.

Eglin AFB

School Liaison Officer

Elaine LaJeunesse
310 W. Van Matre Ave
Ste 252B Bldg 210
Eglin AFB, FL 32542
Phone: 850-882-4319
(DSN) 872-4319
Email: Elaine.LaJeunesse@us.af.mil
Website: EglinLIFE.com


Hurlburt Field

School Liaison Officer

Lacey Allen
220 Lukasik Avenue
Bldg 90213
Hurlburt Fld, FL 32544
Phone: 850-884-6829
(DSN) 579-6829
Fax: 850-884-2600
Email: lacey.allen.1@us.af.mil

Whiting Field

School Liaison Officer

Dawn Kaunike
NAS Whiting Field SLO
Bldg 1417 Rm 183
7180 Langley Street
Milton, Florida 32570
Phone: 850-665-6105
Email: Dawn.kaunike1@navy.mil
Site: Whiting Field School Liaison Officer

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