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Current and Proposed District School Board Member Residence Areas

Nov 16, 2021

Santa Rosa County District Schools

In accordance with FS 1001.36, the School Board is considering changes to each of the School Board Member Areas. These are NOT SCHOOL ATTENDANCE ZONES.

If you have questions or suggestions concerning the proposed Board Member Residence Areas, feel free to contact Joey Harrell, Assistant Superintendent of Administrative Services by email, harrelj@santarosa.k12.fl.us, or at (850) 983-5123.

Note that emails are considered public record and will be presented to the board members, and attached to the December 9, 2021 board agenda for review and may be used to facilitate further discussion. In addition, the public is invited to attend, and address the School Board publicly at the December 9, 2021 Board meeting.

Proposed Santa Rosa School Board Member Districts


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