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Black History Month

February 2021

All schools across the district are having special events all month long to recognize the struggles, events, and achievements of African Americans throughout history.

We are proud of the work all teachers do to ensure that students are aware of the importance of African-American history and it continues more than just during this month. We have many social studies teachers and language arts teachers working together to enhance this month for our students.

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African American History Month Collage

Santa Rosa School Events

Here is just a sample of what some schools are planning. Please check back for more to come.

  • Pace High will be recognizing a member of their custodial staff, Ms. Hilda Ward whose father was a WWII veteran and Pearl Harbor survivor and placing a permanent portrait of him in the school. Pictures coming soon after the event.
  • Milton High will have a special program presented by their AACC (African American Culture Club) that will be taped and played for the student body through YouTube. A link is coming, soon.
  • Sims Middle will be recognizing a prominent figure with a short bio each day on ITV. See the presentation: Sims Middle Black History Month ITV Presentation
  • King Middle will be presenting Black History in 2 Minutes each morning on ITV.