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Message from Superintendent Dr. Karen Barber

Dec 2, 2020

CAUTION!!! This Message originated OUTSIDE the district. CAUTION!!!

This is Karen Barber, Superintendent of Schools, calling with an important message for parents and guardians of children enrolled in the Santa Rosa County School District. Our teachers and staff are currently serving 28,148 students through our brick and mortar, remote learning or virtual option, provided by Santa Rosa Online. We thank you for the opportunity to prepare your children for their future!

It is now time to make plans for second semester. If you are remaining with a brick and mortar option, there is no need for action. If you would like to move your student from a remote or virtual option back to a brick and mortar setting, or from brick and mortar instruction to another option, please call your child’s school between December 1-16 to make those arrangements. Second semester begins January 19, so we want time to prepare our teachers and staff to meet the needs of your children.

For parents who have chosen to home school or to use an outside virtual program, you are welcome to reenroll your student in the Santa Rosa County School District. Santa Rosa County School District has been designated a High-Performing School District by the State of Florida. Our teachers, staff and administrators are dedicated to providing your students with an outstanding educational experience and we thank you for your partnership. So, remember, call your child’s school between December 1-16 to notify the school of your child’s learning option for second semester.

Thank you and have a great evening!

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