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Welcome to ClassLink! A New Way to Access Student Grades

Below is a temporary solution that will give parents access to student grades. Coming soon, parents will have the option to create their own ClassLink account in which they can access all of their students with a single sign on.

ClassLink is a web-based platform that provides access to all approved online tools. Here is a quick ClassLink Tutorial by Michael Thorpe: https://vimeo.com/178505834

  1. Logging in to a District Computer
    -Prior to students and parents accessing the grade portal in ClassLink at home, Secondary (Grades 6-12) students MUST log in at school, once, to change their password. Teachers can give students their initial login password from SMART2. Elementary students (Grades K-5) will get their 4-digit password from their teachers in the same way but will not have to change it. Elementary students and teachers can share student usernames (57#######) and passwords with parents.
    -After logging in to a school computer and changing their password, secondary students will need to share their usernames (57#######) and passwords with their parents.
  2. Log in to ClassLink
    -At school, computers have a shortcut on the desktop that students can use to access ClassLink,
    -At home, student or parents can access ClassLink from this page by clicking on the image of the children at the top of the web page
    -ClassLink can be accessed using the direct link: https://launchpad.classlink.com/santarosa
  3. From anywhere, simply click the button “Click Here to Sign In.” sign in to ClassLink
  4. If at home or not logged in at school, the student will be prompted to enter username and password credentials.
  5. After students and parents log into ClassLink, they will click to check grades. Students and parents MUST always close the browser upon completing a session or before checking another student’s grades.