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A Boy Called BAT

Week Four Videos

To avoid unwanted, YouTube-suggested video previews showing at the end of the videos, please watch them in the player on our site. Each player has a Full Screen button in the lower right corner.


A Boy Called Bat Book Cover

Recommended Reading Schedule

Weeks Day 1 Day 2 Day 3
May 4-8 Ch. 1-2 Ch. 3-5 Ch. 6-7
May 11-15 Ch. 8-9 Ch. 10-12 Ch. 13-14
May 18-22 Ch. 15-16 Ch. 17-18 Ch. 19-20
May 25-29 Ch. 21-22 Ch. 23-24 Ch. 25-26

Grade Level Learning Packets

Other Resources

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One District, One Book™

One District, One Book is a program by Read to Them designed to create a shared reading experience across an entire school community.  Choose a classic children’s novel.  Provide every student – in every school – with a copy.  Following a common schedule across your district, every family reads that book together at home. Every family in your school community reads the same book at the same time.

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Read to Them

Read to Them educates families and schools on the benefits and importance of reading aloud at home. A growing body of research describes the complex and permanent effects of reading aloud. Children who are read to learn to read more easily and become better readers. Literacy skills provide the basis for a lifetime of learning and productivity.