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B4 The Door

With the installation of cameras outside single-entry doors at schools, there are 4 things you should know to reduce stress and increase safety.


1. READY: Show ID to the camera.

When you arrive at the school door, you will hold up your photo ID to a mounted camera. The door attendant will view your ID and decide if it’s safe to buzz you in based on established criteria.

2. CAREFUL: Don’t open doors for others.

For safety’s sake, we ask that you let safety trump good manners by never holding the door for others who have not gone through the camera ID check point. Don’t get mad, be glad if the door is shut on you, the other person is following the Be 4 safety steps.

3. PATIENT: New check-ins take time.

Manage your schedule knowing that this new check-in process takes a little more time. We don’t want you stressed because you are on a tight timeline to make an appointment.

4. AWARE: These steps protect all.

We all can agree that we want our schools to be safer for the students and staff. When you follow the B4 the Door steps, it means you are doing your part. HIGH FIVE!

A flyer is available for distribution.


B4 the Door: 1. Ready, 2. Careful, 3. Patient, and 4. Aware. Show ID to camera. Don't hold door open for others. New check-ins take time. These steps protect all.