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Santa Rosa County District Schools

Designated an Academically High-Performing School District by the State of Florida.


Start Dismiss Early Release chalk on chalkboard link to start dismiss times document

Start, Dismiss, Early Release

Per our board-approved calendar, we will use the planning day on January 7 as a make-up day for student instructional time. This day will be an early release day for students. We understand that some families will not be in town due to previous plans. Click to view the 2018-2019 Start, Early Release, and Dismissal Times.

Airman deploying a tent for hurricane Michael relief efforts

Families Displaced by Hurricane Michael

If your family has been displaced by Hurricane Michael, here is some information that may help you transition to Santa Rosa Schools.

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Transportation 411

Questions about stop locations, pick up/drop off times/bus number, etc.? Follow the link to contact us.

Who We Are...

Santa Rosa County District Schools serves the people and community of Santa Rosa county, in Florida. Our vision is for our students to be productive, successful contributors to society. Accordingly, our mission is to prepare students for success by providing a superior, relevant education.